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About Us

Quality Central Illinois IT Service

For over 25 years, Illini Tech Services has taken great pride in providing quality service to SMBs (small and medium-sized businesses) all throughout Central Illinois. The focus has always been on the service. This core value of Illini Tech Services originates from its founding in the small town of Carlinville, where customer service is essential to success.

We have grown over the years by word of mouth and by building great relationships with our customers while seeing them grow and succeed. We see ourselves as an extension of the businesses we serve, and we strive to do our part by sharing our knowledge and providing service in many technical areas.

Residential Tech Support

Over 10 years ago, we transitioned from being a break-fix computer shop to becoming a Managed IT Service Provider. During that time, we developed a Tech Support Plan to ensure that we could continue providing premium service to residential customers. Our Residential Tech Support plan is very affordable, enabling individuals to receive the same high-level IT support that is available to our business customers.

Managed Anti-Virus

Corporate level anti-virus and anti-malware protection for your computer.

Free In-Shop Support

No cost diagnosis and software support for your covered devices.

Remote Support

Call our office and have a technician remotely assist you with your technical needs.

Why Us

We are Central Illinois' leading managed IT service provider.

We provide a range of IT services to hundreds of small business customers throughout Central Illinois. Primarily, we are a Managed IT Services Provider, but we also offer additional services such as:

  • Web Development
  • Online Marketing
  • Low Voltage Cabling

Additionally, we maintain a PC Repair Shop that not only serves our SMB customers but also allows us to continue providing IT services to hundreds of residential customers.

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Our Partnerships and Vendors

What Our Clients Say

On October 18th, 2022, my department was notified of a potential ransomware attack on one of our workstations at City Hall. Homeland Security delivered two detailed reports concerning the attack including the affected computer. This computer was disconnected from the network to isolate it from the entire network. Contact was made with Jeremy Ison and a copy of the detailed reports were forwarded to him.

I would like to commend the actions of Jeremy Ison with his prompt response and investigation of this attack. I believe his actions saved the City of Carlinville from a successful ransomware attack and potential exposure of critical data. The affected computer was reformatted after all the necessary information was transferred to a different media. The prepared report was shared with HSI, FBI, and CISA and all concurred with the tremendous work Jeremy had accomplished.

It is evident that Jeremy's professional abilities shined large, and your business should be proud to have him as one of your employees. Again, I wanted you to know how much we appreciated Jeremy's efforts.

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